About the book

When hope and forgiveness go hand in hand…

Today’s blog post will look at the books themes, and what you can expect from them both.

About the book

Free Flash Fiction Advent Calendar

I’m releasing some exclusive content of my new book in the form of an Advent Calendar containing 24 short story flash fiction moments, that will feature my books two main and leading characters Erin and Riley, in their countdown to Christmas. It is themed to include tender romantic moments, comedic relatable situations (or not so…… Continue reading Free Flash Fiction Advent Calendar

About me

All the best-laid plans….

As with everything I’m feeling like I’m not achieving and by not achieving this is exactly what is happening…. So today, I’ve made a promise and that is to keep my promises and whilst life may get in the way sometimes e.g. yesterday’s promise to write a blog post for you all for a Sunday…… Continue reading All the best-laid plans….

About the book

I’m Self Published

Here I am a self-published author; my first book is out there in the domain for anyone to access, anyone to read and anyone to review. The moment I’ve dreamt of for so long has finally happened and now I’m anxious that there won’t be a single review or a single piece of constructive criticism,…… Continue reading I’m Self Published